Games of Thrones Jiu Jitsu

This past weekend I started to read the latest installment of Game of Thrones, and I thought it would be kind of cool to affiliate yourself with one of the houses of Westeros, just like how we are a part of certain schools, teams, Humaita vs Barra, etc. 

I have to say I was torn between Baratheon’s “Ours is The Fury” and the Targaryen “Fire and Blood”. The negatives to either side is Baratheon, one could argue, gives the impression of a lack of control, whereas Targaryen implies incest and the madness that will inevitably come with it. 

And of course “Winter is Coming” doesn’t really make sense when it comes to jiu jitsu. “Sleep is Coming”, in reference to a choke? I could get down with that. 

What would your house be, strictly in terms of Game of Thrones? 


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  1. SavageKitsune

    Being wolfish, following Old Gods, and from the Northern wastes myself- I would have naturally gravitated toward House Stark.

    I am also fond of House Baratheon, except that the t-shirts were a horrible lemon-yellow pukey color that I just could not deal with. (I speak of the Mystic Spiral Traders T-shirts, George’s wife’s company… the gal is a friend of mine and I snapped up a few shirts long before ISOIAF got big. Shoulda bought a few cases, I probably could have sold them for a humongo profit… ah well. ) I ended up with a House Lannister t-shirt (blood red, how can ya go wrong with blood red).

    I suppose that if we were going strictly BJJ, our mascot would have to be the Greyjoy Kraken…. all those tentacles…. it could get five different subs simultaneously,and just *TRY* to hold onto that slippery sucker.

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