Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

My (Nerdy) Favorite Things

This week has just been miserable and dreary, so I am going to list some of my favorite things that may be considered a little nerdy:

1. Comic book Movies: it’s my dirt little secret. I watch pretty much all of them, even the bad ones.

2. Fantasy Novels: Game of Thrones? Check. For anyone that remembers, I said I was going to start a blog reviewing fantasy novels…well, I did, but I got too caught up in training and other things in life to update on any sort of regular basis, so I took it down. I still love reading them though.

3. Syfy shows….just not the pro-wrestling stuff: As much as I enjoyed the original BBC “Being Human” I will admit that I am liking the Amercian version as well. I always enjoy the writing…the special effects however could use a little work.

4. Star Wars mash-ups with other pieces of pop culture: It’s so awesome!!

So what are some of your favorite nerdy things?


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