My Old Friends, Aches and Pains

While I was on vacation I knew I was missing something.

When I got back to the gym I realized what I had missed, my close friends for the past 5 years: Aches, and Pains.

Aches is a whiny fellow, the friend that will complain the whole time, but will eventually do what is required of them.

“But I don’t wanna go to the gym,” it complains, but eventually does the little child sulky stomp off to its required destination.

Pains on the other hand, is generally passive aggressive, but you need to heed when it wants to have a  real conversation with you, otherwise you have to put up with them constantly telling you all about you grievances, for months if need be. Pains is prone to holding grudges, as I am sure everyone here is well aware.

“Remember that time you…”

“Ow, yes Pains, I remember…you really didn’t need….ow.”

While they are certainly no one’s best friends, you need to at least make peace with Aches and Pains if you are heavily active in any sport, or there will be a long and difficult road ahead in your sport or activity.

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One response to “My Old Friends, Aches and Pains

  1. Lori

    I like your decription of pains as passive agressive. Earlier today I was reminded that I can’t simply ignore pain and hope that it goes away while attempting to demonstrate a ‘silly run’ to my 5 year old step-daughter. She did learn some new words at least.

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