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Baking and Jiu Jitsu

So, over the weekend I did some baking for work. While I would love to say everything was a smashing success and came out perfectly, that would be a complete lie. Everything tastes delicious but the presentation…well…

But, there were some lessons learned from the experience that I feel can also be applied towards training:

– Work with smaller goals. It’s fine to be ambitious, but trying to accomplish a ton all at once rarely ever ends well.

-Be patient and give yourself plenty of time. There’s no crime in being efficient, but also realize that life doesn’t always go according to plan, and if you are dealing with new and unfamiliar territory, it will take longer to get the swing of things.

-Follow all the directions, even the ones that seem the most minor and insignificant. There’s a reason that direction was put in. You may not understand it now, but until someone much more advanced tells you differently, or until you understand what you doing a little better, follow all directions and the order in which they were given. You don’t put a cake in the oven before you mix the ingredients. Kind of the same principle.

-Always make sure your oven is pre-heated to 350? I guess we could use the analogy for stretching and warming up, but I’ll just leave it to those three.

I know my posting schedule has been kind of screwy, but things should get back to normal mid to end January. Until then, please be patient!

Until next time!

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