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When Spammers ATTACK!!!

It’s fun sometimes to read what spambots will send you as comments.

Usually the stuff is filtered out by the whatever widget I have on here, but there is still a trickle of spam that comes in that wordpress is not sure is legit, so lets it into the party, but has a strict eye on the comments and keeps them to their own little corner.

Most of them, I have to admit, make a hell of a lot more sense if you read them in a heavy Eastern European accent:

“Most excellent post you write! Please I ask you keep writing fabulous more posts!”

Spam, it seems now however, has gotten the idea that people get riled up when you disagree with them. I have been getting these recently:

“I just wanted to let you know I think you are dead wrong. And your article doesn’t make any sense.”

Which I probably would be offended by if they weren’t posted on the Almost Wordless Wednesday posts…. Photos, guys. You are disagreeing about photos.

And finally, I don’t care how nice your comment is, sexy-bot-sex-chat-on-a-sex-cam at whoever.com, there’s a link in your comment that I can read the address to: it’s to some site related to your email and that most likely will not end well.

And last, and kind of least are the SEO guys:

“Hey, I noticed you are not optimizing you SEO- just come pay us money and we’ll take care of that for you!”

No, no thanks guys. I’m happy where I am…you know, not paying for such a service.

So, for the bloggers, any fun spam come your way?



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