Back to Basics

So our classes in the evening are structured like this: a group kettlebell class, then a beginner’s jiu jitsu class, advanced jiu jitsu class, and then judo if anyone still has any energy left.

Even though technically I could wait for the later, more advanced class, I still like to take the beginner’s one. First, because I take kettlebells, second, whatever we do in the second jiu jitsu class is usually a continuation of whatever happened in the first, and finally because I realize that to get better at the more advanced stuff, sometimes you have to go back to basics.

It’s also important to go back to the beginning to better understand the move. When you first learn something, especially at a lower level, it’s almost overwhelming to learn a new technique. You easily become lost in a forest of “your arm goes here, not there”, properly placing your body weight, etc. You may even forgo certain details because they just don’t make sense to you at that time.

This is where going back to basics is key. You know your way around, you can see the forest for the trees, to continue the foliage analogy, you can see how details relate-and more importantly, why they are necessary for the successful completion of a technique.

So if you don’t, and if your schedule allows, I would highly recommend going back to basics to perfect your techniques.

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