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The Perfect Drug

Most people in the world are looking for something: looking for a way to feel good, to make them look better, or hell, just quiet their personal demons. Some turn to dangerous diets, drugs, or alcohol to find what they are looking for.

Ladies and Gentleman, I have your solution: exercise. Specifically, exercise you really enjoy.

I, of course, highly recommend grappling, but I also understand that’s not for everyone, just like I really don’t find much enjoyment in basketball or soccer. I know I am primarily preaching to the choir, but this is something for some reason I was thinking about. So many people self- medicate in a variety of ways, when there is a healthy, relatively safe alternative they could turn to.

I am standing by my statement that exercise is the perfect drug. In addition to improving your body, when you exercise you release endorphins, and according to WebMD: “Endorphins … trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. ”

So you can get the benefits of an endorphin production without a soul shattering dependency, or needing to visit a creepy alley or opium den- hooray! Additionally, it’s an addiction that you can be proud of, that you can talk about, that people will admire you for.

I’m sure no one ever said that about alcoholism or a crack addiction.

Granted, this can potentially be a pricey habit to pick up, but on the other hand instead of outright destroying your body, if you exercise correctly, you’ll be improving yourself and actually extending your lifespan, instead of knocking off the years off your life expectancy, one by one. This also should be done in moderation, of course. No one started a running regimen with 20 miles a day- pace yourself, and the rewards will soon become evident.

So go out there and get high- er, exercise!


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