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Win and Lose

I did a full pull up!


One! Ah, Ah, Ah....

This may seem silly to you to be excited about, but there was a time where I could barely do a negative chin up, let alone a full pull up. I did one though, and I am on my way to the next goal…TWO! Ah, ah, ah….::crack of thunder::


I am ashamed, internet friends. I got so caught up with work this afternoon that I forgot to eat anything. I remembered actually as I was climbing up the stairs to the gym and felt hunger pangs. I didn’t train as intensely as usual, so it turned out all right, but I wanted to be able to report something about how I felt. I’m still feeling pretty good from last night, believe it or not. Tonight I had some peanut butter again, close to training: I’ll let you know how it goes!

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