(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 11.9.11

I personally found this pretty interesting: for those not heavily involved in jiu jitsu and other sports it may seem a little less than interesting, but as someone involved in jiu jitsu and supplements with strength and conditioning training, I found the presentation fairly succinct and went along at a nice pace.

Also, I’m giving it an extra point for the English accent, which is adorable, if we’re being totally honest


I was going to try and embed the slideshow here for your viewing pleasure, but instead here is a screenshot and a link:


Powering Through: Strength and Conditioning Advice Slidecast

Check it out!



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2 responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 11.9.11

  1. Will is a cool guy, who I recently met when we were both watching the ADCC. Strangely, the accent on his slideshow sounds Australian at times to me, though I don’t remember hearing those Australian vowels when we spoke in person. I might have just missed it, though. 🙂

    • Katie

      You know, I thought the same thing: I thought maybe I just didn’t have enough experience listening to regional accents, but I do agree he sounds a little Australian 🙂

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