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My Honesty (And Competitiveness) Will Be the Death of Me

I think in the next few weeks bedroom floors and mat space will be strewn with grapplers who, true to their competitive spirits, got a little too much into leveling up on the site “Fitocracy”.

I have been reading some of the comments people have been posting, such as from fellow BJJ blogger Julia, about how they were done for the day, but noticed they only needed x amount of points to get to the next level, and so did some extra exercising to get to the next level.

I also thought about doing this…I was only 1188 points from leveling up again: easy….


Thankfully common sense took over. Since I’ll be working out this evening, I’ll wait to do any workout stuff until then, so I’m trying not to think of ways to work out and level up until I get to the gym (push-ups in the office bathroom-a bit much?)

What’s funny is that I’m not even competing against anyone…I’m competing against myself, like I will somehow “win” at fitness. Sadly, this is not the first time I have felt this urge: immediately after my first class of Bikram (read: shweaty) yoga, I vowed to somehow “win” at yoga. Which is also quite impossible to do, I’m pretty sure.

All that being said, if I survive my own competitive nature, I will look fantastic for a trip I am taking in January.



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