Took the Night off

I took the night off last night (hence the title of this post) because I was feeling a little under the weather. I am thinking it was something I ate, or in fact what I did not eat – I ran out of greek yogurt, which is a part of my morning ritual of coffee, yogurt and sitting down and staring off into space for a couple of minutes while I try to collect myself.

So, I stayed home, read, relaxed. The biggest downer about this routine is that class this week is all self-defense stuff that we haven’t done in a while, and I wanted some practice in. The moves were a little more female oriented this time, such as what to do if someone grabs you by the wrist, tries to pin you against a wall, etc. They are good things to know, and most certainly practice.

So, either tonight we’ll do no gi, some randorii, or I’ll ask someone to show me what was taught last night. We’ll work something out 🙂

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