Well, That Was Misleading

So while the American Nationals are taking place this weekend in California, the ADCC is also holding one of their events over in Nottingham, England.

I’m wondering if anyone has made a “Robin Hood” joke yet.

Anyway, Graciemag titled one of their articles “Intruders in Xande’s House” naturally in reference to Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro, one of the competitors…and just happens to be one of the…owners, I guess?…Of the Ribeiro Association, the school that our academy is associated with.

At first I was highly concerned, thinking “oh no, did something happen to his house in San Diego while he was in England? What about his fiancee and daughter, are they ok?”

I go on to read the article, which references the division Xande is competing in as “his house” and how he’ll have to compete against top grapplers Rodolfo Vieira, Joao Assis and Brago Neto.

….Well, that was misleading.

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