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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 8.31.11

Our gym is holding a raffle again to send competitors to California for the American Nationals!

Go, buy a ticket! I’ll post a picture of the diamond necklace when it comes in.

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The Bad Side of Pride

Sadly, no, I am not referring to the Japanese MMA organization that was purchased by the UFC. Not even the good kind of pride, like showing progress and successfully completing a technique.

I refer to the blinding kind of pride, the one that shines a spotlight on our successes, and washes out or completely ignores our shortcomings. This kind of pride keeps us from growing and developing into the people we were meant to be.

This pride is most damaging in respect to jiu jitsu and other disciplines out there (in all honesty I hate using the term “martial arts”, but whatever). To have an overwhelming amount of pride, the bad kind, stops the person from advancing. I don’t care how good you are, if you are not willing to learn, you’ll just be stuck in the same cycle over and over again. If you are not willing to admit flaws in what you already know and admit to yourself there are some weaknesses that need to be worked on, then you will not advance.

As it is often said, you learn more from your losses than your wins. But, if you are not willing to lose, what then are you really learning? It creates a false expectation, that you will always be at the top, which is really a false and over-exaggerated expectation. You get old, you get injuries and believe it or not someday you will die. It is physically impossible to be the best forever. So, instead of constantly assuring yourself you are the master, play the pupil and make mistakes, understand there is more to learn and that (god forbid) someone may just know more than you in a particular area.

I am writing about this because I saw such a display of the bad side of pride, that I needed to comment. It’s one thing to be sure of your skill, and it’s completely another to hold the learning process in disdain because you would have to make mistakes a few times. It was just irksome, and I felt like ranting about it.

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Multi-Tasking all Over the Place

Today I seem to have a busy schedule, so I’m going to share with  you what I am up to:

-Sketching and researching stuff for work. I even bought colored pencils this morning

-Listening to French female singers on Spotify (do you have Spotify as well? send me your user name so we can friend up! I’m kt513)

-I wrote a post on the fly about “The Hunger Games” on my other blog

-Thinking about what kind of workout to do for kettlebells, because I’m supposed to be teaching a class tonight.  I’ll see who shows up and figure something out.

-Planning on going to see “Griff the Invisible“: looks pretty cool

-Working on butterfly guard and one legged x-guard during sparring. I’ll let you know how that goes

….And how are you guys doing?

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A Most Wonderful Surprise

My stepbrother is here from Colorado! Hooray! He flew in to surprise his mother on her birthday, and it was a success!

I know this has nothing to do with jiu jitsu, but I am happy to see him! Yay!

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All Kinds of Crazy

Today has been all kinds of crazy: hopefully by the end of tomorrow things will have calmed down. So, sorry for the lack of posting.

See you tomorrow!

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 8.24.11


I am sure everyone is sick to death of hearing about the east cost earthquake, but yesterday I was on the phone with a coworker when I felt my chair start to move back and forth. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me or my chair until I hear another co worker say, “Katie, why is the building shaking?”

I should also mention they are in the middle of some construction in our building. I started to worry, thinking someone may have gone horribly wrong. We made our way out to the street before realizing that it was indeed an earthquake.

In retrospect it wasn’t that big of a deal, but we don’t get those kinds of natural phenomenon on this side of the country. It’s like if southern california was suddenly hit with a snow storm: nothing they couldn’t handle, just surprising as all hell.

That’s all I have to say about it.

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Selfishness in Training

I’m in a bit of a pickle when it comes to training. There are some new moves that I want to try during matches, which frankly I am not all that great at executing, hence why I want to focus on this techniques.

My problem is this- I train with someone at my level and has been taking classes I have will recognize what is going on and will shut down the technique before I even begin.

Ok, so the next logical step would be to work with a lower belt. But, to focus what I want to work on, wouldn’t I have to shut down whatever they are working on, and therefore committing the same transgression that made me work with the lower belt in the first place? Or as a higher belt have I earned the right to be completely selfish and force the position that I want to focus on?

Admittedly, it’s not fair, but as one instructor pointed out long ago, “if you don’t think it’s fair, get to the next belt.” This might have to be the course of action I need to take, I just feel a little guilty about it.

Any thoughts?


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My Computer Is A Little Out of Sorts


This is a photo of my laptop, missing its hard drive.

Where did the hard drive go? It is currently in my father’s computer travel bag. When we went on vacation I packed my laptop in his case, and either at some point during transport or as we pulled the laptop out of the case, the hard drive popped out and I failed to notice.

So, until I get that piece back, I’ll be posting from my phone, So don’t be surprised if you see more spelling mistakes than usual or crazy formatting issues. I’ll rectify those ASAP, just as soon as I get the piece of my laptop back.

I’ll be back in class tonight, so we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled jiu jitsu-ness shortly. 🙂

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On vacation

Hey guys! Posting may be a little erratic this week because I’m on vacation! Hooray!

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Ricardo De La Riva Seminar in September

That’s right, the guy with the fancy open guard is coming to our gym in September, along with a high ranking black belt and the first student he gave a black belt to. It’s going to be awesome. His bio is on BJJ Heroes, for a little backstory.

Here is a video of De La Riva, doing his thing:

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