My Work in Progress

I have mentioned a couple of times that I am in the middle of creating another blog: it’s getting closer to a place where I am satisfied, but not yet. 

While I’m not giving out the address just yet, it’s a blog reviewing the oodles of fantasy novels I have read. As before, I don’t have a set schedule for updating, but I have been tinkering with the design and format with the help of Jason, so slowly but surely there has been progress. And it has been pointed out I should cool it with the uber long reviews, so I have hacked some reviews I have written to a more palatable word count.

When it gets closer to a state in which I approve, I’ll put up the web address. For now though I may just be inviting people one by one to check it out, kind of like google did with their new Google Plus. 😉 



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3 responses to “My Work in Progress

  1. Katie, I’m so excited! I love to read fantasy novels, however I don’t have much time anymore. It would be great to have a resource to cull down the options. That way, what little time I have will be fruitful. I also trust what you say. And… When you are ready to share, I have some friends that would appreciate your new blog! Good luck, I know you will do well!

    • Katie

      aw, thanks! I’m still working out the kinks, but as soon as it’s at some respectable level I’ll be sure to post the link 🙂

      • Like Jodi, I love reading fantasy, but it’s tough to justify alongside the reams of stuff I have to trawl through for the PhD. Maybe I should have done a PhD on Piers Anthony, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Dark Sun or something instead. Seeing MZB on my 3rd year undergraduate reading list (for an awesome module titled Arthurian Literature and its Legacy) remains, somewhat geekily, one of my happiest memories. 😛

        Writing a fantasy novel remains a life goal, but that’s got to compete with a bajillion other things I want to get done. Like wasting time on the internet, which appears to be a major goal given how successful I’ve been at it so far. 😉

        Oh, also an excuse to link to LibraryThing, which I don’t get to do very often. 😀

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