Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Give and Take

Tonight I’m going to train with one teammate with some Judo sparring, or randorii, as it is usually called. The girl I train with is totally going to kick my ass. I know this. She’ll probably deny it, but she probably knows it too. It’s ok, because I kick her butt in jiu jitsu. She’s definitely getting better by the day, if not hour, but for now I can occasionally catch her in certain techniques which she’ll also eventually find ways around, and I’ll have to adjust my game accordingly.

I like this kind of give and take; there is a name for this type of phenomenon, where something is a smaller example of something on a much larger scale. I can’t think of it at the moment, but the give and take I have with my teammate is I feel what keeps jiu jitsu evolving. Each person has a strength or weakness, another will get around the strength and exploit the weakness, the opponent will catch up and the game will change. This happens on all scales in the jiu jitsu community, and keeps the sport and game fresh for everyone participating.

But I have to admit, randorii is gonna suuuuuck. 😉


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