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“Should Women Study Jiu Jitsu?”

Occasionally for kicks I like to see what people search for when they stumble across my blog.

One of the search terms was, “should women study jiu jitsu?”. The answer, my dear anonymous internet user, is a resounding yes.

I am sure I have expounded on the various reasons why, but in all seriousness, here is what jiu jitsu offers for the ladies:

-For self-defense, it is a system geared toward a smaller person against a larger assailant, especially what to do when a person forces the fight to the ground

-For a sport it is fun and requires your mind and body to be engaged: I know there are some out there who love some “Jersey Shore” while jogging on a treadmill, but for those who find that repetitive and mind numbing, this is a fun solution.

-Camaraderie (that’s how you spell it, right?). One of the biggest motivators for women to exercise is the fact that their friends are also involved. There is a tight bond between teammates, and if none of your friends are interested in taking jiu jitsu, you find a whole new batch of friends that do! Only occasionally it gets awkward when both sets of friends get together at a party. But only occasionally.

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