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Summer and Competing

I know I should, but honestly I just don’t feel like competing at the moment.

On August 6th there is the Battle of the Beach in Wildwood, NJ and I have very little interest in going. At first I thought maybe I was just spoiled by the IBJJF events, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I feel like almost every weekend I have this summer is taken up by someone else; someone else’s event or someone else’s agenda and really I would like to enjoy what summer I can while it slips like mercury through my fingers.

August is quickly approaching, with September following close behind. Things should slow down by then, I would hope, but for now I feel like something big is happening on one day or another, and I am the type of person who occasionally needs solitude. Some people find time by themselves maddening, I happen to find it peaceful and┬árejuvenating. Also, I still have a school time impression of summer: it’s the time to play, relax! Get outside before the cold and dark of winter steal over our part of the globe.

So, for now my plans are to skip NAGA, and begin the tournament cycle again come fall and winter.

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