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Working on the Back-End

I’m in the middle of fiddling with the back-end of the new blog I am putting together, so today’s post will be pretty brief:

The “big news” yesterday was that one of the female Strikeforce fighters, Liz Carmouche is openly gay. Not to sound harsh and unfeeling, but…so?

What gender you choose to create a fulfilling, substantial partnership with in life I feel has little to no effect on your performance in the cage. Rather, it is the personality of the partner, regardless of gender, that affects performance. Men and women both can either support a fighter, understanding the passion their partner has for getting into the ring. This also goes the other way: I am sure there are a number of men AND women who have held back a fighter because they were not comfortable with the role of the “gym widow”, and of course seeing their partner getting punched in the face.

I am happy for Carmouche, who has stated that MMA has made her feel accepted and I would never want to take that from anyone. But, I feel this was made into a bigger story than needed. Actually, I find it more interesting she is on Team Hurricane Awesome.

That’s a pretty sweet name for a team.

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