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In House Impressions and A Work in Progress

Saturday and Sunday Maxercise held an in-house tournament for children, teens and adults with children on the first day and so obviously teens and adults on the second. In addition to the usual students and affiliate members who attend, other local academies such as Daddis Fight Camp and Brach MMA brought a few competitors to throw into the mix.

I mentioned this a couple of times on Twitter, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of skill and technique the white belts exhibited; it shows people are really learning the basics and fundamentals, and really putting them to good use. I guess I shouldn’t say I am impressed with our students, giving the impression they are poor students, but I am talking about people who have been training for maybe two months? Less? A touch more? Not long at all, but are really taking in the techniques and working them into their competition strategy. Truly, it was a great thing to see. Competitors in both the blue and purple belt divisions also did a fantastic job, and the day showcased the skills and techniques we have been going over and developing the past couple of months. So, hooray!

And now in reference to the work in progress: essentially, I am working on another blog, that has absolutely nothing to do with jiu jitsu, grappling or fitness of any sort. I will promote it once I get it really underway and work out some kinks, but if I shortchange this blog in terms of writing, I certainly apologize.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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