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Superheros and their BJJ techniques

There’s a new pre-requisite at Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, and it’s affecting all superheros across the globe, and universes, actually. All superheros now have to take BJJ or some sort of grappling art to stand up to their genetically evolved(?) nemeses…nemesii?

WARNING: a plethora of bad puns that are fully intended are ahead

Mr. Fantastic:Rubber Guard. He and Eddie Bravo are BFF’s

The Thing: he actually prefers Judo

Storm: Tornado Guard. Pretty self-explanatory.

Beast: De la Riva and X guard. You know, for such a big guy he has a really technical, cerebral game.

Colossus: He is Russian and prefers Sambo. It reminds him of home and allows him to wear skin tight shorts.

Rogue: Spider Guard. Provides a minimal amount of skin contact

Anyone else you can think of?





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