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The Importance of Practice

Over the weekend I got together with Max and some friends and did a little extra drilling. I didn’t drill really anything we worked on in class, but rather worked on some one legged X-guard entrances and ways to react to certain situations, what would work and what might not, and more importantly why not.

I don’t do it as much as I used to, but drilling and practice are one of those key elements to progressing in jiu jitsu: it’s like any other activity you have participated in, such as taking up an instrument, learning a language or the latest viral dance phenomenon.


Practice Makes Perfect. ┬áIt’s not enough for most occasions to understand why to perform a certain technique, but also what will happen if you do something different, if you grip the wrong sleeve, or no grip at all; essentially you need to also understand the consequences and what you are risking when you do and not perform certain steps.

I don’t know about everyone else, but in jiu jitsu at least, I like to know the consequences if I do not follow each step: what will happen? What am I leaving vulnerable? Will my disregard for the traditional steps taken to execute a technique rip a hole in fabric of our reality and suck us all into some alternate universe? I doubt it, but call me daring, I would like to find out.

I should mention these are also the times when I tap the most. To me, there’s no shame in that. If you constantly avoided making mistakes, you would never progress, and that’s not what jiu jitsu is about. The sport is about transition, evolution; change is in its very nature. So, I guess my point is while it is crucial to practice the right thing, also don’t be afraid to occasionally play around and learn from your mistakes.

And maybe find yourself in an alternate universe where we ALL do the double dream hand dance!


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