The Aftermath

Well, I made it out of my Birthday Beat down alive, and actually all right. I was tired, and started to gas at the tail end of the 6 minutes (like, 45 seconds or so to go, I think) but considering there was a line feeding into a 2 point drill with everyone in the gym against yours truly, I think I did pretty well.

If anyone is still baffled as to what I am talking about, which I doubt since I consider you all smart, reasonable human beings, a two point drill is essentially sparring to prepare for what I consider one of the hardest parts of the match: the very beginning, when both of you shake hands and begin the match. It can be nerve wracking, if you don’t prepare for that part of the match, and therefore we have little sparring sessions working on getting the take down, or sitting guard, and it goes until the someone scores points for something-anything, really.

Usually you work with a partner and get a small break in between matches, or there are multiple people on the mat with a line feeding in to match “stations” if you will, with the winner of the two point drill staying in, or if they get the points a certain amount of times they walk out anyway.

This was not the case. No breaks, no stopping, one person after the other for the entire 6 minutes. It’s good for your stamina, just hard while you’re doing it.

I faltered toward the end, but I certainly felt better than I thought I was going to, and also made it longer than I expected, so…hooray!

Back to the gym tonight: I’m tired, but we’ve got work to do. 😉

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