The Final Countdown


that's right, I went there...Arrested Development FTW

This week is going to zip by, which is causing me to panic just a little bit, because my mind is already thinking about Friday, which leads to tournament week.


Georgette asked what division I’ll be fighting in, and to keep myself from completely freaking out and stop eating or sleeping  a la The Machinist, I will be fighting blue belt medio, and NOT pig out (too much) after weighing in with the goal of walking around at 140 by the end of the summer. That’s the plan, anyway. I think it’s pretty realistic, with then only a handful of poundage to lose before other IBJJF tournaments to compete in leve.  I’m actually feeling less “wishful thinking” and more “honest, realistic goal” about this than ever before, so that’s a good sign.

For anyone that has searched through my past blog posts, this sounds like the same song and dance as last year, and I completely own up to that: the difference is this year I am tired of not meeting my goal, I’m tired of that very same song and dance. When I promise something to someone, I try my hardest to meet that promise. And I think it has finally gotten to a point where it’s really sunk in that I need to honor a promise to myself, to be accountable to myself and the promises I make, even if they are just in the mirror. It can be done. It will be done.


And what about my jiu jitsu game? I have a couple of scenarios I’ll be practicing this week and the beginning of next, and overall I think my game has actually stepped up a little; I’m starting to nit-pick at little things now, which is driving me a little crazy. It all boils down to I need to chill the F out and go along for the ride. I can do more and know more than I give myself credit for, but this isn’t the time to obsess on the negative and the imperfections. It’s time to get focused and go out there and rock.

Ok, enough pop culture references, let’s make it work people. 😉


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3 responses to “The Final Countdown

  1. What tourney are you competing in?

  2. Hey, hope you can make it to the blogger/blogreader breakfast at the tourney hotel on Sunday morning (blackbelt day) before things get started! Thinking it will be around 7ish but I will post for sure on the blog.

    Good luck!!! I’m sure you’ll do well!

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