How to Cover Up a Black Eye

Ah, covering up a black eye. Not that I usually do, but a few weeks ago I had to attend a wedding, and thought it would be a little inappropriate to attend with a shiner I got from an accidental head-butt in Judo practice.

I guess this is a good time to say I am not a doctor, I am just sharing my experience along with links to people who probably know better what to do than I. So, here we go!

The Treatment:

One of the most crucial steps is the first one: PUT ICE ON IT. The sooner, the better. Finish your match, and then get off the mat and put ice on that baby. Some people suggest a cold egg to lightly roll over the injured area, moving blood away from the potential black eye. For mine, I was lucky enough to find a frozen water bottle from where I felt the  bruised area starting to swell. I rolled the water bottle with light pressure to keep the blood from pooling in the area. Trust me, it would have looked a lot worse if I hadn’t.

The Cover Up:

Here are a number of resources that tell you just how to cover up a black eye with makeup. I tried to avoid any references to additional makeup other than the concealer, just in case some gentlemen want to use this advice as well.

I used some lighter concealer, then used foundation over top that and my entire face to blend in all together. I did my usual makeup routine after that, which includes brown (not black) eyeliner only on the top lid, not the bottom. Because I’m just classy like that 😉

In the end you could still see the brusing a little bit, but it looked a little more like a dark circle under just one eye from lack of sleep and less, “girlfriend got hit in the face”. So, in my opinion, mission accomplished.

One thing I would like to try however is this stuff:

Kat Von D Tattoo Erasing Pencil

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

I figure you lightly fill in the bruised area with the pencil, cover with a dab of concealer and then blend in with some foundation, you should be golden. Right?

Quick, somebody hit me in the face again so we can try it out!



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11 responses to “How to Cover Up a Black Eye

  1. LMAO – This should be included in Women’s BJJ 101

  2. Excellent: I am totally trying that if I ever get a black eye before a wedding/job interview etc. Though I may have to get some tips from my girlfriend on foundation and usual make-up routine. 😉

    Then again, I’m not sure which I prefer out of “damn, that guy got beat up!” to “damn, that guy is wearing foundation!” The latter probably wouldn’t surprise anyone at a wedding, especially if they saw my attempts at dancing (tends to be heavy on the campery). ;p

  3. Katie

    oh no! I can’t access the video, I think because we’re not friends on the Book of Face.

  4. Ah: must be the privacy settings. Me shaking my arse in a dodgy manner, basically. Also, that means you can now see my equally macho profile pic on bookface. 😉

  5. Katie

    haha, excellent. And hey, it takes a real man to wear a flower in his hair. Respect.

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  10. Telsera

    I know this is an old post, but I just got a black eye from BJJ and am a bridesmaid in a wedding in two weeks. I’ll try to remember to report back how the coverage attempts go. Maybe the wedding photographer can photoshop my bruise out of the professional pictures?

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