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Class and a Little Gym Renovation

Training and drilling and kettlebells and training and drilling some more…

That’s kind of my rhythm right now: it’s a review of some basic stuff the past couple of weeks, which is fine with me because we all could review the basics now and again. We worked on full mount attacks like on Monday and incorporated an armbar attack as well into the mix.

I trained with one of the teens again, which was fine, there’s just one quirk I keep noticing with newbies both teen and adult. You sit at the beginning of the match to give them the advantage and to work some positions, and they try to run around your legs. No grip on anything, they just stand, or get into some sort of half-crouch thing and attempt to run around you. I know for a fact this was never taught to anyone, but I have a feeling these guys were either taught the bull pass and they forgot some elements, or saw someone try the pass in training, and are attempting to emulate the same pass.

It’s not bad or anything, it’s actually kind of funny. One of our white belt ladies kept attempting it, and I suggested that she grip onto a leg, and either try to pass, or at least get into half guard. Of course it’s not the preferable place to be, but hey, you’re half way better off than you were before.

The gym is rearranging some of the equipment to create some more mat space on the lower floor under the primary mat area, so we all chipped in after class and helped to lay down some mats. I think it looks pretty spiffy:

photo courtesy of Maggie B.

So, tonight to continue the pace I’m going, the plan is to swing around a 16 kg kettlebell for a bit (I’m thinking of being a little masochistic and doing some lunges: oye) and then do the Judo class at 7pm.

1, 2, 3 GO! 🙂

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