Kettleworx Worries Me

Anyone who has done a proper Kettlebell workout or who has been certified to teach Kettlebells will say, “Yikes!” at the sight of this guy:


He has no certifications to qualify him to teach that I can find (and please, PLEASE prove me wrong on this) , and that worries me immensely. I will admit I am only making best guesses here regarding the quality of the workouts, because I have not purchased the DVD Series, but I have watched part of the infomercial, and even with the “best foot forward” there are errors I see in the techniques of the actors, and in the descriptions of certain moves. I have also read one or two RKC instructors with gripes concerning what this man teaches.

I have no problem with people making money: as Missy Elliot once said about to women around the world shaking their booty for cash, “ain’t no shame, ladies, do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game.” My problem is the instruction of improper and potentially harmful techniques. Yes, I agree, Kettlebells can be an amazing tool and workout to a lean, strong figure, but when used properly.

Sir, please get certified, here, or here, or somewhere, (and of course I recommend here) but above all make sure you are leading by example with a good, if not flawless technique to ensure the safety of your clients.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to jump off this soapbox so I can get to my Kettlebell class.

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  1. Bad Knees

    I did a series of his programs, he teaches some crazy-ass “squat swing” — which I now know to not only be WRONG, but dangerous. I ended up with patellar and quad tendonitis and have been working for months to repair the damage I did by blindly following KW’s methods.

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