Ring My Bell

Have you heard that term? I mean we’ve all heard the cheesy disco song, but someone used the term to described getting hit in the head, and I think it’s quite apt. I was kneed in the chin (accidentally, of course) last night and that’s really the best way I feel to describe getting hit in the head or face. You’ve seen the old cartoons I’m sure where you see kind of the same effect (my mind is going molasses slow today so I really can’t recall any specific cartoon). You get hit hard enough and it’s like someone rang a huge, loud bell right next to you. It’s a little disorienting. I truly commend  people who can take a hard hit and keep fighting.

I barely made it Jiu Jitsu class in time due to work, so no kettlebells, and after that blow to the chin I decided to call it a night. So, also no Judo, but I figure I can take the class on Sunday.

Last night’s class involved sweeps and attacks from the close guard when the person does the standing guard pass, including using the hip to make the person knee collapse, rolling over to grab the one ankle to bring them down, and finally the omoplata option. It was a good class, since it was something we haven’t done for a while, and there were a number of beginners in attendance. All in all a good night.

Maybe Wednesday will be a little more favorable. And a little less with the hitting in the face 😉

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