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MMA Fight Photos

When I’m not reading blog on jiu jitsu or how to not look like a clown with the latest makeup, or making Battlestar Galactica ringtones for my phone (you’re darn right I do), I enjoy looking at photography and seeing what amazing images people are able to concoct or capture in the moment.

This classy lady I am linking here is Esther Lin, aka @allelbows on the Twitter. She and her co-hort, E. Casey run this little site,


“All elbows is Esther Lin and E. Casey Leydon.  Esther’s a photographer, mostly working in and around Mixed Martial Arts, while E. Casey does video work, shooting, editing, and all the rest of that fun stuff.  Esther regularly contributes photos and writing to Fighters Only Magazine, and sometimes contributes to fightlinker.com, sherdog.com, FIGHT!, and others. Esther and Casey both hail from a production background, mostly in documentary and commercials.” –excerpt from the site

She travels around the world and takes some pretty fantastic shots of fighters, both male and female, some posed, some live, and I love them all. Love the composition, love the editing, I just think they are the bee’s knees (or the cat’s meow, whichever makes more sense for you). I would highly suggest if you have some time to take a look at what they have on their page.

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