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Half Guard Review and Tournament Schedule

I’m kind of back for the moment-last night was a review of different bottom half guard escapes, as a continuation of a series that was started on Monday. There were a couple of techniques and different ways to get out, which I would try to explain but frankly I just tried to type it all out and even I had no idea what I was talking about.

One thing that was kind of funny was as we were drilling I was being a little difficult and offering a little resistance to the technique, which then turned into exactly “well, if the person puts up a proper defense and does this…” and then it would be exactly what I did as I was being difficult. Not that I am a genius or anything, it was just one of those random fun coincidental things.

Training went pretty well: I wanted to work on the half guard stuff, but ended up working spider guard most of the time. It was a good training session. We have some teens that are showing up to our classes, because there is a karate school/One of our affiliates with a strong kids class that is moving to our facility, and so some of the teens are starting to train with us in midst of the transition. It’s kind of interesting and fun to see what they have picked up on so far, in terms of both good and bad habits.

Oh, and at the end of class we briefly went over all the tournaments that are coming up; I briefly considered to just give up on eating solid foods over 200 calories until June, but quickly realized that would be not only impractical, because I have a strange affection for chewing…and not starving.   The Annual Ribeiro Tournament is possibly moving to February, Liberty Bell Judo which our academy is encouraging participation in late March, Pan Games in early April, topped off with Worlds in June. I really do want to make it to the Leve weight class this year, and I have some catching up to do before I can seriously consider competing in that weight class.

I’m working on keeping a positive outlook on this, and I will let you know how it goes.

1, 2, 3… GO!

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