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The Sisyphus Dilemma Of Female Fighters

That’s what I decided to call it: that, or the game of Life dilemma. Women fighters have been making leaps and bounds in the field, but there is a dissonance that needs to be reconciled, one that keeps setting this whole movement back. And that I believe would be the Marketing monster that is being used to target male MMA fans.

The Octagon girls, ring girls, whatever you want to call them. It’s kind of hard to imagine calling these women into their corners….to then have ring girls prancing around the perimeter of the ring: it’s difficult for some men to see women both as a sex object and a legitimate threat in the ring, and I think fight promoters are some of those very men, or want to capitalize on those men.

I am sure there is a swirl of other factors playing into the whole problem, but honestly, that’s the one that just pisses me off the most. That, and the models for some of the MMA wear that  looks more like an audition for Playboy than showing the fit of a t-shirt. Sorry sweetheart, I’m just not that into you. Nothing personal, I just don’t date girls.  (I’m trying to find the website I’m referring to. Will post if I find it)

And that’s not to say that the current MMA fighters aren’t seen as sex objects either: I know a woman that likes to watch UFC for the sweaty muscular guys in their vale tudo shorts. But they are FIGHTERS first, sex objects later. In my opinion it’s fine if people see women fighters as “hot” or whatever, but see them as the hard working, worthy opponent they have worked tirelessly to become. It’s a shame when a fight promoter calls  for a woman fighter, asks if she’s the right weight for the opponent, and then the next question is “is she good looking?”

Who the hell cares?!

Not naming names, but there are a couple of gents in MMA that aren’t so gorgeous, and women should have the same opportunity, regardless of appearance. There are some amazing women fighters out there, and they should have a chance to show what they can do.

Women slowly but surely are gaining ground in the MMA world, with fights in Bellator and a number of different growing MMA organizations (if you know the names of some, please be all means leave them down in the comment section and I will be happy to add them) but I think it will take at least another 3-5 years before we see women fighters have the same popularity as men fighters.

What do you think?


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