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I’m Going to Look So Pretty

I have to run out to the store this afternoon and buy some concealer.

Why? Because a sweet, unassuming orange belt judoka head-butted my left eye socket.

And I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Awesome.

I’m not holding anything against her, it’s just one of those funny things that happen in life.

I will totally post a tutorial or something on how to cover this mess up. Usually I would just wear the black eye, but something tells me the bride won’t exactly appreciate photos of her special day with an attendee that looks like she got into a fist fight.

Last night we worked on high-collar, double lapel harai goshi. It was a nice class, and it also happened to be the last class the Judo club will have in our academy. They were actually always two entities, the judo club and the jiu jitsu academy. They just happened to share the same roof, and as a consequence a number of the same members were also shared.

There was a great opportunity for the judo club to have its own space, and is logical, took the chance.

When they get their website up and everything I will definitely post it up here, and I can’t wait to see their new digs 🙂


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Class and a Little Gym Renovation

Training and drilling and kettlebells and training and drilling some more…

That’s kind of my rhythm right now: it’s a review of some basic stuff the past couple of weeks, which is fine with me because we all could review the basics now and again. We worked on full mount attacks like on Monday and incorporated an armbar attack as well into the mix.

I trained with one of the teens again, which was fine, there’s just one quirk I keep noticing with newbies both teen and adult. You sit at the beginning of the match to give them the advantage and to work some positions, and they try to run around your legs. No grip on anything, they just stand, or get into some sort of half-crouch thing and attempt to run around you. I know for a fact this was never taught to anyone, but I have a feeling these guys were either taught the bull pass and they forgot some elements, or saw someone try the pass in training, and are attempting to emulate the same pass.

It’s not bad or anything, it’s actually kind of funny. One of our white belt ladies kept attempting it, and I suggested that she grip onto a leg, and either try to pass, or at least get into half guard. Of course it’s not the preferable place to be, but hey, you’re half way better off than you were before.

The gym is rearranging some of the equipment to create some more mat space on the lower floor under the primary mat area, so we all chipped in after class and helped to lay down some mats. I think it looks pretty spiffy:

photo courtesy of Maggie B.

So, tonight to continue the pace I’m going, the plan is to swing around a 16 kg kettlebell for a bit (I’m thinking of being a little masochistic and doing some lunges: oye) and then do the Judo class at 7pm.

1, 2, 3 GO! 🙂

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Kettleworx Worries Me

Anyone who has done a proper Kettlebell workout or who has been certified to teach Kettlebells will say, “Yikes!” at the sight of this guy:


He has no certifications to qualify him to teach that I can find (and please, PLEASE prove me wrong on this) , and that worries me immensely. I will admit I am only making best guesses here regarding the quality of the workouts, because I have not purchased the DVD Series, but I have watched part of the infomercial, and even with the “best foot forward” there are errors I see in the techniques of the actors, and in the descriptions of certain moves. I have also read one or two RKC instructors with gripes concerning what this man teaches.

I have no problem with people making money: as Missy Elliot once said about to women around the world shaking their booty for cash, “ain’t no shame, ladies, do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game.” My problem is the instruction of improper and potentially harmful techniques. Yes, I agree, Kettlebells can be an amazing tool and workout to a lean, strong figure, but when used properly.

Sir, please get certified, here, or here, or somewhere, (and of course I recommend here) but above all make sure you are leading by example with a good, if not flawless technique to ensure the safety of your clients.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to jump off this soapbox so I can get to my Kettlebell class.

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Monday Training

Last night I did just Kettlebells and Jiu Jitsu, no Judo.

Kettlebells included a lot of lunges, so as inappropriate as this sounds, my butt hurts today. :/

In Jiu Jitsu we worked on the X choke from full mount, including a lariat (I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell it) choke from full mount. We usually go through one position per week, and go into the more complex, advanced moves as the week progresses from the position.

Training went pretty well, even though I kept yawning (unintentionally, of course).

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy, so I do apologize if posting seems a little abrupt and/or erratic. IN the coming weeks I will probably post some photos and stuff, I think. I’m just not sure where.\

Suggestions, anyone?

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Training Tonight!

I will be training this evening instead of looking for a dress for a friend’s wedding this weekend. Call my priorities skewed (and trust me, I know they are) but I think I will need all the Zen moments I can get in the next couple of days, and that is what Jiu Jitsu provides me. Calm, peace, and clarity, which I wish I could offer all brides before they get married, because from what I understand, the whole process makes everyone a little nutty.

To which I decided that i will never have a formal wedding. I have enough unintentional stress in my life, I don’t need to intentionally add enough stress to make me pull out what precious non-gray hair I have left.

Really, I’ve been going gray since I was 15. It’s kind of funny, and a little sad.

So, what will you not be doing in favor of training this week?


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Reasons Why Women Should Train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Why women should train in Jiu Jitsu

1. Self Defense: for women that are worried about their safety, this is a system that is not only designed to defend yourself, but to defend yourself against anyone. Big scary guy? Check. Midget Carney giving you the evil eye? Check. That one obnoxious girl that likes to start fights when you go out?



See? Anyone.

2. Confidence: the confidence of knowing how to defend yourself, the weight you’ll lose along with the support of your teammates will most certainly give your confidence a leg up. I know it has for me.

3. Great workout: If you don’t sweat while training, either you have the physique of a superhero, or you’re doing something wrong.

4. Balance, Speed and Agility: Before jiu jitsu I had absolutely none of these. Years later, I only have a little of them, but hey, it’s a start.

5. Waaay more interesting than Zumba: I get jazzed about latin-infused pop tunes as much as the next gal, but really, jiu jitsu is for those who love to challenge themselves with puzzles, figuring out their next move. It’s pretty sweet.


Ladies, any other benefits regarding jiu jitsu you would like to point out ?

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The Healing Power of BJJ

So I’m still in the midst of my “cold”, and I would like to explain I consider it a “cold” bunny ears and all.

Before I started Jiu Jitsu I used to get nasty, horrible, I might-legitimately-die-from-this kind of colds. I remember the worst one was so bad that I developed an acute skin sensitivity and just the feel of denim rubbing against my leg was painful. I couldn’t breathe, I nearly lost my voice from all the post-nasal drip, and a myriad of other super great symptoms I would rather not describe.

Needless to say, it was really gross.

This first year I started to train in Jiu Jitsu, I didn’t get a cold. There was maybe one day where I felt a couple of cold-like symptoms, but they were gone the next day.

Since I have started training, I may get a little bit of the sniffles, maybe a little sinus pressure, but I don’t get knocked on my ass anymore by some cold virus with a vendetta against me.

It’s pretty awesome.

I don’t know if it’s all the training, or the vitamins I have been taking since I have started training, but I just thank my lucky stars I have not had a repeat performance of that virus of death. It also just reminds me while feeling kind of run-down right now sucks, it could be a hell of lot worse. And that, my friends, is the healing power of BJJ.


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Ring My Bell

Have you heard that term? I mean we’ve all heard the cheesy disco song, but someone used the term to described getting hit in the head, and I think it’s quite apt. I was kneed in the chin (accidentally, of course) last night and that’s really the best way I feel to describe getting hit in the head or face. You’ve seen the old cartoons I’m sure where you see kind of the same effect (my mind is going molasses slow today so I really can’t recall any specific cartoon). You get hit hard enough and it’s like someone rang a huge, loud bell right next to you. It’s a little disorienting. I truly commend  people who can take a hard hit and keep fighting.

I barely made it Jiu Jitsu class in time due to work, so no kettlebells, and after that blow to the chin I decided to call it a night. So, also no Judo, but I figure I can take the class on Sunday.

Last night’s class involved sweeps and attacks from the close guard when the person does the standing guard pass, including using the hip to make the person knee collapse, rolling over to grab the one ankle to bring them down, and finally the omoplata option. It was a good class, since it was something we haven’t done for a while, and there were a number of beginners in attendance. All in all a good night.

Maybe Wednesday will be a little more favorable. And a little less with the hitting in the face 😉

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My Tentative, Tenuous Training Schedule

I kind of feel like I’m coming down with something, so I am currently downing vitamins and praying it’s mild, but we’ll see. Tonight it should be Kettlebells, Jiu Jitsu and then Judo. Tomorrow I can’t do open mat, but Wednesday and Friday should also look fairly familiar to this evening, just without the Judo.

I will also be downing Emergen-C like it’s my job.

::sigh:: here goes nothing.


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MMA Fight Photos

When I’m not reading blog on jiu jitsu or how to not look like a clown with the latest makeup, or making Battlestar Galactica ringtones for my phone (you’re darn right I do), I enjoy looking at photography and seeing what amazing images people are able to concoct or capture in the moment.

This classy lady I am linking here is Esther Lin, aka @allelbows on the Twitter. She and her co-hort, E. Casey run this little site,

“All elbows is Esther Lin and E. Casey Leydon.  Esther’s a photographer, mostly working in and around Mixed Martial Arts, while E. Casey does video work, shooting, editing, and all the rest of that fun stuff.  Esther regularly contributes photos and writing to Fighters Only Magazine, and sometimes contributes to,, FIGHT!, and others. Esther and Casey both hail from a production background, mostly in documentary and commercials.” –excerpt from the site

She travels around the world and takes some pretty fantastic shots of fighters, both male and female, some posed, some live, and I love them all. Love the composition, love the editing, I just think they are the bee’s knees (or the cat’s meow, whichever makes more sense for you). I would highly suggest if you have some time to take a look at what they have on their page.

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