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A Somber Note on Domestic Violence

I’m going to lay aside my “rapier sharp wit” and humor for a second to talk about something a little more serious.

I’m sure many women who are in jiu jitsu or some sort of martial art has experienced this: bruises, black eyes, and the concerned looks and comments that come with them. If you are anything like me, you laugh it off, explain what you do, and explain more or less that you are not being abused, that these marks were totally by choice.

But for some women, those bruises are not by their choice. Their husbands, boyfriends, family, choose violence and abuse and those women are made to suffer the consequences of that decision.

Please, join me in a moment of silence for those women who do not feel strong enough to fight back, and pray they may one day have the strength to walk away from whatever unhealthy relationship they are in.

That is all.


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Oh Spambot, you Slay Me

I had something all planned out to write, when I saw this in my spam folder: “Thanks for the blog bro.”

There was more, but I stopped right there.

::looks at the obviously feminine name of author; looks back at comment::

:: looks at the name of the blog A Skirt on The Mat; looks back at the comment::

::Blink. Blink::

I think that is the first time I have ever been called “bro”


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