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A Letter To The Lady Newbies,

This is mainly intended for the girls who just started at our academy, but this could apply to any academy, I would think.

Except for the end. That’s a Katie original. Recognize. 😉

Oh, and a Big Thank You to all the people that have stopped by and said Hello! Especially Georgette Oden for referring people over this way! Thanks!

Dear Ladies,

Hello there, my dear teammates. You may not feel you deserve the title since your belt is so white that it puts Mr. Clean’s Bright White Tee to shame, but really, that’s what you are. I am so proud of you for making it this far. I know you must have been frustrated, tired and confused a number of times in the short while that you have been joining us for classes and trainings, but you have persevered and made your way back to our mat and team time and time again. You may feel a little awkward, being put into weird positions, being asked to learn a small amount of Portuguese, and even being told “yes, choke the bejeezus out of this person until they tap, or just fall asleep on you.” And you have all carried out these requests and instructions admirably. You have overcome your personal space issues, let your hair get mussed up, and have been willing to roll around with a bunch of sweaty (occasionally just a touch smelly) guys.

A few of you have ever attended your first tournament! That is also something you should be proud of, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You were nervous, probably feeling a little special needs, but you sucked up your fears and pride and went out there. It doesn’t matter if you won or lost, the fact is you tried.

Not that I am the guru of all things jiu jitsu, but if there was one thing that I could tell you is keep trying. Yes, you will continue to feel frustrated, confused, tired, like everyone is kicking your butt. But it will not always be this way: you will learn, and grow and there will be a day where a brand new girl will walk in and you will kick her butt. As it should be.

But, I would also caution, don’t be afraid to get your butt kicked, to try to new moves and positions. That’s how we all progress in this sport: how can you grow. This is an evolving sport and martial art, so I would encourage you to keep an open mind to all new positions and techniques. With some patience and practice, I promise you jiu jitsu has deep and long lasting rewards.

Again, I cannot express just how happy I am that you are taking a chance and starting on this journey into the world of jiu jitsu, so let me attempt to display my happiness in interpretive dance.

::shimmy shimmy:: ::shuffle shuffle:: Yay!

Ok, enough of that. See you in class!


Your Teammate


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