Commandments of the Mat

So  I was reading an article from Gracie Mag “The 100 things you should do before you become a Black Belt” and at the end they included additional  20 commandments that should be followed by all competitors. It was a nice little article, but I certainly know people who frequently break these ‘commandments’, including myself:

Here are the commandments they state:

1-   Thou shalt not stall. –ok, I’m down with this one.

2-   Thou shalt not wimp out. –also kind of agree with one: this sport and most of life in general is about getting out there and doing what frightens you or makes you uncomfortable.

3-   Thou shalt not skip practice for silly reasons. –…but, but, the season finale of True Blood?! That’s not silly!

haha, just kidding…True Blood doesn’t run on a training day 😉

4-   Thou shalt not drink alcohol excessively. – I know a couple of very dedicated Jiu Jitsu people that are also commandment breakers, then. How will they ever live with themselves?!

5-   Thou shalt not partake in excessive slamming.

6- Thou shalt not wear stinky gis or neglect your hygiene.-Cleanliness is next to Jiu Jitsu Godliness: not really, but your teammates will definitely appreciate it and will be more inclined to train with you.

7-   Thou shalt not whine about refereeing. –Of course not, because it’s your coach’s job to argue with the referee vehemently, most likely in Portuguese.

8-   Thou shalt not be a “creonte” – respect your master and gym.

9-   Thou shalt not heed orders that go against your values.

10- Thou shalt not be rude during training.-Please and thank you.

11-  Thou shalt not make a trophy of your mangled ear.-…Why not?

12-  Thou shalt not succumb to cupcakes, candy bars and the likes.-I am a horrible, horrible sinner…

13-  Thou shalt not show off – be discreet. After all, the more exposed you are, the greater the target.

14-  Thou shalt not talk too much smack nor cause discord between training partners.

15-  Thou shalt not take cheap shots.

16- Thou shalt not take Steven Segal films seriously-…see #4. While they may not take the films seriously, there is an obvious respect for the aikido practitioner Steven Segal. I personally have never seen a Segal film, so I really have no room to talk.

17-  Thou shalt not count advantage points.

18-  Thou shalt not delay in letting go of your opponent when he taps.-for us, that more or less falls under the whole “not being rude” thing

19-  Thou shalt not take the stress of life out on training partners.-We are all about teaching The Facts of Life, however

…bad joke, sorry.

20-  Thou shalt not steal training partners’ flip-flops.-who does this?!

Are there any you think should be added to these commandments?

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