Judo Kata and Running on Empty

This week has been particularly rough on me, it feels, although that could totally just be a figment of my imagination.

Monday was Kettlebells, Jiu Jitsu, then Judo, in which I bent back my middle fingernail. Not thinking this was important (and really, it shouldn’t have been) I kind of just let it go.

Cue to 2 in the morning Monday into Tuesday, where I STILL can’t fall asleep due to the INTENSE, PAINFUL THROBBING of said fingernail that was pulled back…apparently it was a little more serious then I first thought.

So, Sleep-Deprived Tuesday was fun, to say the least. I went in for Kata class, and actually got into a throwing drill with two other judokas before the actual class started. One was throwing a Seionage, and the other was working on their Tai Otoshi, while I practiced my long lost but never forgotten friend, Harai Goshi.

We did three rounds of throwing each other 10 times each, so we were all throwing 60 times and had to be thrown 60 times.

It was a hoot.

After that was Kata class, which was kind of silly, and a little frustrating, but in our academy is a requirement to advance to the next belt. I kind of promised one of the judokas that I would be there, and I definitely kept to my word, sleep deprived or not.

There are some benefits to Kata: it is extremely precise, and offers understanding to a number of throws that are common in Judo.  Kata is the nit-pickiest of nit pickey things in Judo: it’s not only do you have to throw the person, you have to exhibit complete control, the off-balance that creates the opportunity to throw, and the proper execution of the technique, requiring the proper footwork, hip and hand placement.

Oh, and you have to get up from the throws in a slow, purposeful manner as well, showing as the Uke (or one being thrown) that everything was done with intention, and you and your partner totally have this shit under control.

I wish I could say that I aced this, but it seems the only thing I am quite good at this somersaulting to the ground without breaking anything on my person. Go Team!

In my defense, this is only the second time I have ever been to a Kata class, the first time being nearly 2 years ago. So, all things considered, the class went all right.

And now I will take Kettlebells and Jiu Jitsu tonight, Open Mat and Judo (probably) tomorrow, and then some more Kettlebells and Jiu Jitsu on Friday.

I wish I could say I run this kind of schedule all the time, but one look at the scale says this is not a common occurrence (I think I would be able to eat a horse and not gain weight if this was really how my schedule ran). This is more my ideal schedule, in which I try to make arrangements around, but you know what they say about best-laid plans.

Mice attack them viciously, from what I hear.  😉

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