The Nuances of an Expert

So I had mentioned before my lame excuse for no posting that Max and I did some drilling of some moves that he had seen on Monday. Wednesday I came armed with questions and ready to get down and dirty with these techniques (that sounds mildly inappropriate, by whatever)

Going through these moves with someone at the same level versus against someone of a such a higher caliber of jiu jitsu player is kind of fun to compare, I have to say. There were pieces to certain techniques that I would question and Max would look at me, shrug his shoulders and say “I don’t know sweetie, this just what [our instructor] taught us,” or told us what to do, whichever came to mind first , since, you know,  I tend to ask a lot of questions especially when it’s just Max and I going over things we learned in class.

When going through class with our instructor though, there were little moves and nuances that answered my questions before they were asked, and I received more than satisfactory answers when I asked them, making me feel like there was some real progress and learnin’…stuff….going on.

Personally it further affirms my belief that there is really nothing that can compare to live class. There are a plethora of materials out there: photos, blogs, books, videos, you name it, someone has that shit covered, but nothing really compares to having a real, living breathing human being in front of you, hopefully with more experience than you. In defense of those materials, sure, something is better than nothing and it puts you in the mindset to learn and to look for certain positions and so on, but we all have to admit there was that one time where we were doing something TOTALLY wrong and it wasn’t until someone pointed out the error of our ways and directed us down the right path that we did anything to improve that part of our game.

How can you fix something on your own that you don’t even realize is broken?

So, as I mentioned before also, I am down at the beach, so if you don’t read anything from me until Monday, don’t hold it against me 😉

See you all on the flip side!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly 🙂 I like the supplementry stuff you can find on the internet–but I consider them just tha: supplementry, to help remind mehow to do something or to show me a technique when someone else blogs about it.

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