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Training with the Boyfriend, Part 2

One amusing bit ¬†I totally forgot about the whole “training with the boyfriend” thing is that we typically bicker when we get on the mat.

Remember when I said that it definitely was not like being taught by the instructor? You also don’t argue with your instructor when he is trying to show you something just because you don’t think one part of the sequence makes sense, and you think he may be doing it wrong.

Training and drilling moves with a loved one definitely shows the need for order and hierarchy when training…Or at least one of you shutting the f*ck up when going over a move.

I was the one this time that needed to shut their trap, but there have been plenty of times before when I have told Max to zip it.  Especially in the morning. Before my coffee.

What? He deserved it.

Tonight is actual class night, so we will be going over what Max and I drilled last night, and I will be able to see what was similar and what was different. Not that I’m going to rub it in Max’s face or anything. Probably….Likely….

Or maybe I will, who knows. Depends on how off we were when drilling last night.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about something more interesting, I promise.

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