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Early Morning Training…Boooo

You know, there is a plethora of studies to answer the age-old question: how some people can wake up a the ass-crack of dawn, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and all sorts of other hyphenated descriptions, while others prefer to stay up late and slowly crawl out of bed, or rather have to be peeled out of the covers, grumpy and ready to commit homicide if their coffee isn’t ready to be delivered intravenously.

Max seems to be one of the former, while I am one of the latter. He asked me to practice some moves with him this morning, since due to work obligations he has been unable to really get to the gym, and of course as the super-awesome-hero of a girlfriend that I am, I agreed to do it.

And every time I agree to do this there is a part of me that totally regrets it. Not that I don’t like getting better and practicing moves. It’s the whole getting up early thing. And the fact that I have to be somewhat conscious during these sessions so I don’t fall asleep in the closed guard. There is some primordial part of my brain however that says “NOOOOO! Too early! Me Sleep! Pillows Comfy!….Cookie?”

Yes I firmly believe this is also where my preference for sugar and baked goods comes from.

But still, I get up, and I do what I promised and I practice with Max: because what good is a person other than their word?

Saulo mentioned that once in a seminar he held in our gym,

“A Man is only as good as his word and his belt.”

So I am staying true to my word, and I practice with Max so we can improve our belts.


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