Promises of Alcohol on the Mat: Yeah, I’m a Great Role Model

So, last night was a good night for technique: we did a kind of de la Riva on the arm thing and swept the opponent, pulled them into an omoplata, or rolled into one if we couldn’t pull the arm. I would make an honest attempt to look for a Youtube video or photo to describe what I am talking about, but this is something that you need close supervision for, not something you pull your friend over for and then suddenly someone has a broken wrist and is out of commission for the next 2 months or so.

During training I had a match with a nice white belt lady who comes to class now and again, but I think trains a lot with her husband at the gym they own in Jersey. Anyway, during the session, she mentioned that it seemed nearly impossible to pass my open guard no matter what she did. In response I promised her that the day she was able to pass my guard I would buy her a beer. And oh trust me, I totally will. Unless she has a thing where she can’t drink (I’m finding more and more people who have that kind of thing going on).

I promised this because someday I know it will happen, because she is really working to get better at the sport. She pays attention to the technique, and really works to practice what we are learning. The only criticism I really have is that I wish she would come to class more, but we’re grown-ups: as much as we work to clear our schedule, there’s a tendency for life to go, “This shit needs to be dealt with: NOW.”

It’s also always hard at first to train, especially people that are a higher rank than you: they know more, and already you’re keyed up and sometimes you give something to the person  that you don’t even realize you were doing, and then you curse yourself, forgetting it’s, you know, a part of the process of progressing in jiu jitsu.

Anyway, I look forward to the day when I can put that glass of beer in front of her, smile and congratulate her on her progress. Because that day is coming-it may take a little longer at the rate she is coming to class, but jiu jitsu is the ultimate exercise of patience and we will encourage her, and as her teammates we will celebrate her progress. Because that’s what teammates do.

So there. 😉

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