Bringing Home 2 Gold Medals From The NAGA Tournament

Yay! Even though we got there a little late due to the heinous beach traffic that was working it’s way to the Jersey Shore (no, not that one, the other one) our team all got there in one piece, and brought home a butt-load of medals.

It was awesome.

My no-gi match was called a ‘super fight’ because there was only one other girl to fight, so we did and while we both did well, I won due to points, 6-0.

I didn’t try to any take downs, because honestly I don’t train that much in no-gi (I think the count of classes I’ve gone to can still be counted on both hands), but I played my game, I got in a sweep, and a number of submission attempts (including working for a triangle in the first minute or so), and even my instructor/coach said that it was very technical, which to me was the best compliment of the day.

For the gi division they actually found 2 other women to compete in the same division, so I did end up fighting the same girl again, who I won against due to points, and another girl who was a little taller than me, and also fought well, but in the end I caught her with a Bow and Arrow choke, while I was up on points, 12-0.

My other teammates also did an outstanding job, bringing home gold, silver, bronze and even a ridiculously big belt, which was not worn in public (unfortunately).  One downer was our purple belt girl was caught in a toe hold, but 1) we really don’t work on attacking the feet and 2) she really didn’t train all this week due to a minor sinus infection. There is always the next tournament though, and I look forward to snapping lots of pictures while she takes home the gold.

One thing I absolutely love about our team is that during the entire tournament we played really technical, actually very pretty jiu jitsu. Not that anyone means to do it, but there is such a prevalence of “truck-stop”, AKA “You owe me money, bitch” jiu jitsu; I know not all techniques are very pretty, but there are a number of techniques and alternatives that reflect more of the principle and art of the sport/self defense martial art. Our school tends to emphasis those techniques, and encourage people to train in that fashion, and I prefer it. It makes for better competition in my opinion, and all that more rewarding, win or lose, because you know that you played as best as your could.

One superficial, cosmetic question though: I know a lot of girls put their hair into cornrows to keep it from getting everywhere. but are there any other ways to tie everything back? I always look like a mess in competition photos, which I don’t care during the match, it’s just afterwards when I see the photos I say “Oh my…”

Any suggestions?

Here's looking at you, Kid


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6 responses to “Bringing Home 2 Gold Medals From The NAGA Tournament

  1. Katie

    hm, definitely considered it, but I have really curly hair, and the length currently keeps it pretty tame when I’m not training/competing…I’m thinking maybe just a big french braid on either side of my head with a lot of gel.

  2. Oh! I didn’t know it was in Wildwood, I could have come in person and cheered you on!!

    I have REALLY long hair, about to the small of my back. IN addition, it’s really THICK and soft and doesn’t hold well in ponytails. I do the 2 braids with a lot of gel and hairspray and it works pretty well. My friends at my dojo call me pippi longstockings 🙂

  3. Katie

    You totally should come out to these events and do some competing!

    I probably will do the 2 braids thing, I just have to work on having enough conscious thought in the morning to start on the hair and not hit the snooze button a couple more times…

    I do love to Snooze 😉

  4. Congrats on the medaling!

    I cut my hair short before BJJ. Once I started, I realized there was no way I would be able to grow it back. I admit, I don’t pay much attention to other girls’ hair during competitions…

  5. Katie

    Thanks! Yeah, it’s not that I care so much during the competitions, it’s usually when I look at the photos afterwards I say “Holy Crap!”-for other girls the only time I notice their hair is if I’m trying to grab their label and I don’t want to rip their hair out while trying to grip up.

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