Kind of Feels Like that Presentation in College That You Decided to “Just Wing”

That’s how I’m feeling about this tournament tomorrow. I have been training a good deal, both in gi and no-gi, but it’s nowhere near the amount that I feel I should have trained for this tournament.

And I’m kind of OK with that. In the spectrum of tournaments and level of importance, this actually ranks pretty low. I’m more concerned about both the in-house that happening later this month, and then there is the annual Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Tournament that is happening the first weekend of October in Oklahoma City. Those definitely have priority over this NAGA tournament.

It also doesn’t help NAGA’s case that they used to be the “anything goes” tournament for quite some time. As one instructor said “You could put a gun to someone’s head and shoot them: 2 points.”

They have cleaned up their act from what I have seen in the rules, but it will take a good amount of time before their reputation turns, and even still they will be referred to as “that tournament where there were really no rules.”

::shrug:: it sucks, but they are still making an attempt to be a little more respectable, which I can respect. I do have one question though regarding something you ban in your rules:

What the hell is the ‘Boston Crab’ Technique?

**UPDATE: I found out what the “Boston Crab Technique” is, and now you can all share in the cringing as you imagine what it does to both ankles**


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3 responses to “Kind of Feels Like that Presentation in College That You Decided to “Just Wing”

  1. Owch..that’s rough…

    Good luck at the tourney! 🙂

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