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There’s a Fine, Fine Line…

Between training just enough just before a tournament, and over training to a point where you are just a mess when competing (and therefore, it’s a waste of your time).

I based that entire first sentence off a song from the Broadway puppet musical “Avenue Q“…Yeah, I’m just that damn witty.

In all seriousness, there is a fine area to tread when getting ready for tournaments; between getting a good sweat in and feeling prepared, to over-training and being dead on your feet when you step up for a match. I can picture that awkward situation…

“Hey Katie, what happened during that match? You totally could have taken her.”

::shrug:: “My body had enough-can I take a nap under the bleachers now? Or just die, because that would be a totally acceptable option at the moment. ”

I would like to avoid that extreme, but at the same time would also really like to make weight. Since this was sort of a last minute decision, I can only get to the last weight class before it goes to open, so I’ll have about 2-5 lbs to lose so I don’t have to fight women that fight essentially 2 of me put together. Not that it would be the end of the world, but if it’s no-gi, it comes as a definite disadvantage, since I have only started to train in a no-gi fashion. Uncertain, a little nervous, and competing against someone who probably has more experience and I know is heavier than me…

Yeah, that would end well. And by well, I mean not so good.

We’ll see how it goes, because either way I’ll try my best, and we’ll see where it gets me.


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