Ways to Use this Cold to my Advantage

So I totally have a cold, and it sucks a big one, but I’m trying to think of ways to use this to my advantage…

1. I could drink lots and lots of hot tea and eat soup with lots of pepper to lose the water weight.

2. And hey, I could stay on a liquid diet, because that’s all I feel like eating anyway.

3. I could go to other gyms and claim to be interested in joining, and get all of them sick!

Those are the best ideas I have for now that would fit into the constructs of what I need to get ready for this tournament.

in all honesty, I probably should just stay in bed, but I can’t: I took a nap this afternoon, and I already feel like time is wasting, with me just sitting around, doing nothing. Max also has the sniffles, so I think he’s just going to have to be my training partner for the next couple of days, whether he likes it or not.

The couple that’s sick together, stays together ❤

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