DMSO: What The F&!;*^??

My arm was bothering me this week, and my instructor suggested I buy some DMSO to put on, as it’s known to block some of the pain receptors and essentially numb what ails ‘ya.

I decided to give it a try, because while the pain has been rating from something that I could manage to something I could downright neglect, it’s been getting worse while training.

I bought some from a local organic food store, patchouli scented and all, came home and smoothed a little over the area it hurt.

And then it started to itch.

And then it started to burn.

Holy Crap it was like getting a nasty sunburn at the beach!

I was then informed you REALLY have to wash and disinfect the area you put the DMSO, since it’s so strong.

….Well crap.

There was some decrease in pain, but for now I think I would rather pop some more Advil before I resort to that again.

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One response to “DMSO: What The F&!;*^??

  1. Marina

    Maybe you allergic to it…

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